I am an expert on foreign relations in East Asia, Chinese politics, and maritime security.

I can discuss topics including China’s maritime security, navy, foreign policy, Indo-Pacific strategy, the South China Sea issue, grey zone operations, Hong Kong politics, and Australian higher education.

If you are a writer, editor, or producer and would like to request an interview for a story, podcast, or video with Edward, feel free contact me via the contact form below, my university contact or ANU Media.



Interviews & Speaking

I engage with the public through my expertise in China’s sea power and maritime security.

Interview: Experts react to AUKUS

AFP, 15 March 2023

Interview: Why India wants a bigger navy

ABC (Online), 11 September 2022

Speaking: What is China’s maritime power?

ANU, 28 July 2022



I enjoy sharing my research and ideas with the public about China, the Chinese navy, the Indo-Pacific, and maritime security.


Public Events

I involve in, engage, and organise conferences, workshops related to political science, international relations, and Hong Kong.

Maintaining good order at sea or developing sea power

APSA Conference, 26-8 September 2022


Executive Education

I deliver executive education sessions on Hong Kong, the South China Sea, and the Chinese Navy.

Hong Kong: from the capitalist paradise to the city of protests

ANU, 1 September 2022

The South China Sea

ANU, 5 October 2022

The Chinese Navy: an overview

ANU, 28 October 2022


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