The misconception of nationalism in Hong Kong

One and half year since anti-extradition law movement, the HKSAR government has been trying its best to restore the social order. The cabinet has determined one of the fundamental issues that cause all the social upheaval has been the lack of national education.  This has brought us back to the debate back in 2012 —Continue reading “The misconception of nationalism in Hong Kong”

South China Sea: a China or a maritime issue?

The South China Sea dispute has been an ongoing discussion among scholars and politicians, but it is also a complicated issue. One factor that causing the issue so topical is because it is a China issue. This is not so difficult to understand, because the international society has now perceived China as a geopolitical, strategicContinue reading “South China Sea: a China or a maritime issue?”

Australia vs China: misinterpreted international orders

This blog was supposed to be out two weeks ago when China increased tariffs of Australian wine. Incidentally, tensions increased between China and Australia in last week because of a tweet. The mainstream media suggests that there are a lot of distrust between the two states, mainly due to the strategic competition between Washington andContinue reading “Australia vs China: misinterpreted international orders”