Academics should not just write for scholarly journals, but also for the community.

I write because I care.

Besides academic writing, I have started blogging regularly since November 2020, aiming to let more people to know more about my research.

This blog is mostly about international relations, maritime security, and Chinese politics, sometimes it will have stuffs on Hong Kong politics, teaching and learning, research life and Christianity. Opinions are my own.

Starting from 2023, this blog has been revamped. To read the previous opinion pieces and my writings in PolymerHK, please visit my archive.

Latest Insights



BRICS to admit six new countries to bloc in 2024 in bid to expand influence

On 25 August 2023, I was interviewed by the Strait Times regarding China’s intention to expand BRICS. Diplomatically, China does not seek to form an alliance – this has been the policy since the founding of the PRC and is likely to remain unchanged. But China is indeed looking for more supporters in the internationalContinue reading “BRICS to admit six new countries to bloc in 2024 in bid to expand influence”


The China Journal (no.90) part 2: the unseen China

This article introduces three articles that offer a unique perspective on China, revealing its unseen side, published in The China Journal.


The China Journal (no.90) part 1: Hong Kong studies

This article introduces three articles shedding light on different aspects of the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement.


Making sense of ‘Maritime Community of Common Destiny’

This article explores three articles that discuss China’s understanding of the ‘maritime community of common destiny’ in maritime security strategy.


Reflections on China Studies in Australia

This article provides some personal reflections on the ‘Australia’s China Knowledge Capability’, a report on China’s Studies in Australia.

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