Academics should not just write for scholarly journals, but also for the community.

I write because I care.

Besides academic writing, I have started blogging regularly since November 2020, aiming to let more people to know more about my research.

This blog is mostly about international relations, maritime security, and Chinese politics, sometimes it will have stuffs on Hong Kong politics, teaching and learning, research life and Christianity. Opinions are my own.

Starting from 2023, this blog has been revamped. To read the previous opinion pieces and my writings in PolymerHK, please visit my archive.

Latest Insights



China’s overseas ports ambition

This article introduce three readings about China’s aspiration of building global overseas ports for military and commercial purposes.


Experts react to AUKUS

On 15 March 2023, I was interviewed by AFP regarding my views on China’s perspective of the newest AUKUS deal. China is speeding up its development of military capabilities does not really just target Aukus. It is like a broader picture as to respond to the intense security environment in East Asia, for example, theContinue reading “Experts react to AUKUS”


Survival guide of your PhD journey

This article provides some useful sources for early PhD scholars to survive their research journey, such as publishing and well-being.


Indo-Pacific: the contested region

On 28 February 2023, I delivered a guest lecture at the University of Sydney about coneptualisation and flashpoints in the Indo-Pacific region. “The term “Indo-Pacific” has now become a central feature of the strategic discourse in regional security affairs. This is the result of the US and Japanese led policies calling for a “Free andContinue reading “Indo-Pacific: the contested region”


The Indo-Pacific: some alternative views

This article introduces three alternative views on the Indo-Pacific region, including Africa, South Korea and understanding of the liberal international order.

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