Academics should not just write for scholarly journals, but also for the community.

I write because I care.

Besides academic writing, I have started blogging regularly since November 2020, aiming to let more people to know more about my research.

This blog is mostly about international relations, maritime security, and Chinese politics, sometimes it will have stuffs on Hong Kong politics, teaching and learning, research life and Christianity. Opinions are my own.

Starting from 2023, this blog has been revamped. To read the previous opinion pieces and my writings in PolymerHK, please visit my archive.

Latest Insights



More on China’s global influence

This article introduces three readings that I have read recently, which are about China’s global influence in different policy sectors


Different types of revisionism in international relations

What is revisionism in international relations? Here, I introduce three articles, mapping out different types of revisionism insightfully.


China’s ocean century: What have been the maritime narrative?

What precisely constitutes China’s maritime narrative? Here are three papers that examine China’s perspective of non-military maritime power.


China’s norm entrepreneurship in maritime affairs

This article introduces literature exploring China’s norm entrepreneurship in environmental governance, Arctic affairs, and maritime disputes.


What we don’t understand about China’s actions and ambitions in the South China Sea

On 18 December 2023, I have written an article in The Conversation, suggesting the internal perspective of China’s maritime thinking and offshore territorial disputes. This provides an alternative angle of understanding China’s approach in collision with Filipino vessels, firing water cannon at others and using sonar pulses close to an Australian ship, injuring its divers. ChinaContinue reading “What we don’t understand about China’s actions and ambitions in the South China Sea”

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