Core issues in Hong Kong society

Recently, I read an article from Professor Taylor Fravel (one of my academic idols) about the ‘China in the world’ paradigm for scholarship. One of the issues that the article discusses is that there has been a perception gap between the western democratic society and the government in Beijing regarding the situation in Hong Kong,Continue reading “Core issues in Hong Kong society”

When Liaoning exercised at the South China Sea

In the last two weeks, it came to the attention that China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning exercised at the South China Sea. The US Navy has been keeping a close look, monitoring its activities. Not the first time? Technically speaking, this is not the first time that Liaoning exercised at the South China Sea. LiaoningContinue reading “When Liaoning exercised at the South China Sea”

Why long essay assessment is important?

Recently, I read that “Dean of FASS Professor Annamarie Jagose said she believed the faculty should move away from its over-reliance on long-form essays as a method of assessment“. This comment soon became a discussion in the University of Sydney, of whether long essay will no longer available for assessment. Cost-efficient? The main argument ofContinue reading “Why long essay assessment is important?”

The US-China Alaska meeting: not a Cold War

The US and China had their first high-level meeting last month since President Biden came to office. The US-China Alaska meeting was intense in front of the media. The speeches from both sides were juicy, and somewhat confronting. People are worried: is it a new Cold War? However, the meeting is not a signal ofContinue reading “The US-China Alaska meeting: not a Cold War”