Farewell! The Mecca of China Studies

Last month, the South China Morning Post reported that the 60 years’ Universities Service Centre for China Studies (USC) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is going to shut down in 18 months.  This was a very disappointed news indeed since I have been to the place for a few times. My USC experiencesContinue reading “Farewell! The Mecca of China Studies”

China’s new coast guard law: unsurprising but concerning

The Chinese Coast Guard law was passed on 22 January and came into force this month. It was indeed a quick move from Beijing of consolidating its jurisdiction in maritime security. The new law confirms law enforcement power and responsibility of the China Coast Guard (CCG). What has made this law so controversial is aboutContinue reading “China’s new coast guard law: unsurprising but concerning”

Choosing your supervisor (social science edition)

As a PhD candidate, I was often been asked about advices of choosing supervisors from my honour/postgraduate students. Regardless you are brilliantly smart or barely meet the academic requirement to enter the PhD program, choosing a suitable supervisor is always the first, and I would say, the most important step for your academic career. WhatContinue reading “Choosing your supervisor (social science edition)”