Core issues in Hong Kong society

Recently, I read an article from Professor Taylor Fravel (one of my academic idols) about the ‘China in the world’ paradigm for scholarship. One of the issues that the article discusses is that there has been a perception gap between the western democratic society and the government in Beijing regarding the situation in Hong Kong,Continue reading “Core issues in Hong Kong society”

The decline of Hong Kong democratisation

The National People’s Congress has just passed the “decision on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” earlier this month. According to decision, there are few fundamental changes of current Hong Kong electoral system. For example, a candidate qualification review committee is established to determine the eligibility of candidate based onContinue reading “The decline of Hong Kong democratisation”

Farewell! The Mecca of China Studies

Last month, the South China Morning Post reported that the 60 years’ Universities Service Centre for China Studies (USC) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is going to shut down in 18 months.  This was a very disappointed news indeed since I have been to the place for a few times. My USC experiencesContinue reading “Farewell! The Mecca of China Studies”

The misconception of nationalism in Hong Kong

One and half year since anti-extradition law movement, the HKSAR government has been trying its best to restore the social order. The cabinet has determined one of the fundamental issues that cause all the social upheaval has been the lack of national education.  This has brought us back to the debate back in 2012 —Continue reading “The misconception of nationalism in Hong Kong”

Interview with Kerry Brown – Professor’s view on Hong Kong

There are controversies on Hong Kong Independece in academics. Editors of Polymer are honoured to invite Kerry Brown as insightful interview. He has been working on First Secretary of British Embassy Beijing. Now he is the Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College, London. It is not hardContinue reading “Interview with Kerry Brown – Professor’s view on Hong Kong”