Should a PhD student publish articles during candidature?

I had few conversation with some first and second years PhD students recently. Coincidentally, all of them ask me the same question: should a PhD publish articles in a peer-reviewed journal before completing the degree. I was once a PhD candidate. Indeed, I understand their concerns. However, as a person who have had a similarContinue reading “Should a PhD student publish articles during candidature?”

Oral history of Gen-Y Hongkongers: a book review of the Impossible City by Karen Cheung

Generation Y (Gen-Y) is a term that is used to describe kids that are born between the late 1980s and 1990s in Hong Kong. The simplest explanation is because their HKIDs usually begin with the letter ‘Y’. Indeed, Gen-Y can also be identified as a unique generation in Hong Kong. Karen Cheung’s recent memoir, TheContinue reading “Oral history of Gen-Y Hongkongers: a book review of the Impossible City by Karen Cheung”

Why long essay assessment is important?

Recently, I read that “Dean of FASS Professor Annamarie Jagose said she believed the faculty should move away from its over-reliance on long-form essays as a method of assessment“. This comment soon became a discussion in the University of Sydney, of whether long essay will no longer available for assessment. Cost-efficient? The main argument ofContinue reading “Why long essay assessment is important?”

4 tips to host online tutorials

 It’s new semester in Australia. Some of us may back on-campus, but there are still some people, like myself, who still need to teach online. When chatting with lecturers and tutors, I find that many of us find online tutorials difficult to host. However, we are now living in an online world. Virtual classroom willContinue reading “4 tips to host online tutorials”

Choosing your supervisor (social science edition)

As a PhD candidate, I was often been asked about advices of choosing supervisors from my honour/postgraduate students. Regardless you are brilliantly smart or barely meet the academic requirement to enter the PhD program, choosing a suitable supervisor is always the first, and I would say, the most important step for your academic career. WhatContinue reading “Choosing your supervisor (social science edition)”